21 February 2012

Venice Carnival 2012

Today is the last day of the 2012 Venice Carnival. After freezing weather in Venice a couple of weeks ago, the temperatures improved for Carnival and there have been some lovely sunny days. Crowds flocked into town at the weekend - as many as 100,000 per day to enjoy the atmosphere and admire all the costumes on display.

One of my favourite aspects of Carnival is walking around Venice and seeing random costumed carnival-goers, like passing an elegant eighteenth-century couple on a historic canalside. It's like going back in time to Venice's past.

As usual, there were some inventive costumes and many traditional ones. My favourite was a man dressed up as Van Gogh (right), complete with sunflowers and chair. A group dressed as an eighteenth-century tribute to Wedgewood were pretty good, too. Today, for the last time, the costumed participants (competing for a prize) will be parading in St. Mark's Square in the sunshine.

In 2013 Venice Carnival will be back, taking place 2nd-12th February.

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