21 February 2017

Venice Marco Polo Airport Lounge (BA passengers & Priority Pass)

Venice Marco Polo Airport (VCE) has a couple of business lounges. British Airways Club Europe passengers and Silver and Gold status BAEC members are entitled to use the Marco Polo Club Lounge. The lounge is also open to Priority Pass holders, and anyone can choose to pay for admission.
Inside the Marco Polo lounge, early 2017

At the time of writing the lounge is operating at about half its previous capacity while refurbishments are taking place. Staff told me that this is expected to finish by April or May 2017 (be prepared for an over-run - this is Italy). Currently the lounge is very busy; lots of chairs crammed into a small space, almost all of them occupied when I last visited. Prior to this temporary reduction in size, there was a much bigger U-shaped space including an area with workstations, and access onto a terrace with views over the runway and lagoon. There was a shower and an additional pair of toilets.

The lounge has free wifi and a fairly decent cold buffet, with rolls (meat and vegetarian), little pizza squares, fruit and tiny desserts. Not the equivalent of a proper meal, but enough to substitute a meal if you pile your plate high, which many guests do. If you want a cheap hot meal, the self-service restaurant on the upper floor of the terminal is a decent choice. Customers using the lounge can help themselves to non-alcoholic drinks including a range of fruit juices (including that delicious pear juice available in Italy). Alcohol including Prosecco is freely available on request, along with hot drinks. Staff wait behind the buffet tables to serve drinks.
Mini desserts

I've been using the lounge for years, and I'm quite fond of it. I hope the new developments return its former spaciousness - plans (below) include quiet areas, a 'winter garden' and a re-opening of the outdoor viewing terrace. While not the most lavish lounge anywhere, it's better than others I've visited in Italy. There are usually helpful staff on duty and the food for the last couple of years has been quite a good selection.
Future plans

Finding your way around the airport

The lounge is airside, on an upper floor. After clearing security, take the escalators near the windows (the right-hand escalators) and follow the signs. Note that BA's lounge-entitled customers are also able to use the priority lane at security. BA's usual check-in desks are just to the left of the security queue; the priority lane is alongside.

There is still a lot of building work taking place at the airport; the overall result should hopefully be a significant improvement. A new moving walkway connecting the terminal with the jetties for ferries and water taxis is now open, which saves a 10-minute walk.

View from the lounge: British Airways arrival
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