26 September 2010

Today in Venice - some photos

Sunshine and high water in Venice today, and a man pretending to be a shop-window mannequin.

I was out and about experimenting with my new camera (a Panasonic Lumix G2).

The high tide had gone down but St. Mark's Square was still mostly flooded - I cut across the dry 'causeway' in the middle of the square but access to the duckboards was blocked by a metre of shallow water... it took some patience and ingenuity to cross the gap dry-footed. Tourists were paddling bare-footed.

A man amusing himself in the Sisley shop window. No audience other than random passers-by.

17 September 2010

Dog in a gondola

You really need to carry a camera about the whole time in Venice. There is always something new to photograph. I was only popping out to collect a train ticket half an hour ago, and it was starting to rain, so after some thought I left my camera at home. And just around the corner I came upon a dog in a gondola. Sitting on the cushions in solitary state, being rowed along by a gondolier. He barked (the dog, not the gondolier) to make sure he was noticed. I did my best with my mobile phone camera, but it couldn't do justice to the spectacle.