22 September 2009

Cheap Ryanair Flights

Ryanair's current special offer is worth checking out - it lasts until tomorrow night and includes some genuinely good offers without all the usual taxes and online check-in charges. If you're happy to travel without hold luggage and you fancy an impromptu city break, you could visit Italian destinations like Rimini, Genoa, Bologna or Parma for next to nothing. The main expense is the booking fee of £5 each way - and personally I always pay extra for priority boarding too, though this isn't an essential. I've booked a return weekend trip from London to Genoa for just £16.02 (it would have been £10.02 without the priority boarding charge). And you could fly from London to Venice for £15 each way. Or Bristol to Rimini for just a fiver.

The offer is a good chance to book a pre-Christmas break, or to investigate a new Italian destination. The deal also includes internal flights between Italian cities.

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