13 November 2006

Bracciano hits the headlines in Cruise wedding rumours

Over the last few days news reports have been buzzing with rumours with Hollywood actors Tom Cruise and Katy Holmes are about to get married in Castello Odescalchi, a castle overlooking Lake Bracciano, north of Rome. By coincidence, the location is featured in Italy Heaven's latest report: Lazio tourist information: Bracciano and the Castello Odescalchi . Now may not be the time to visit Bracciano (unless you are a celebrity stalker or like crowds), but generally this quiet little place makes an interesting destination for a day out from Rome, or a side-trip from Viterbo.

We have no idea if the castle is really the location for this much-hyped union (it hardly seems one likely to be approved by the Catholic Church). It would certainly make an appealing venue, however. Today's Repubblica claims that Cruise and family are already in Rome, installed in the Hotel Hassler at the top of the Spanish Steps, and that the wedding will take place on Thursday at Bracciano.
> Cruise a Roma per le nozze (Repubblica)
> Rumors narrowing on Lake Bracciano for Cruise-Holmes Italian wedding (IHT, Nov 10th)