19 July 2017

Packing for Italy in summer - a sample packing list

I usually travel alone and move between locations, and this affects my packing lists. I need my luggage to be as small, light and manageable as possible, and I aim for simple clothing which won't draw too much attention. If you're planning glam romantic meals or have small children to tumble around with, you'll probably want to tweak the list. If you have assistance with your luggage, or are staying in one venue for your entire stay, you might feel inclined to include more stuff. I aim for the minimum to meet my needs, be prepared for likely eventualities, and to look nicely and appropriately dressed.

City and beach break in summer, 5-7 days: a list for women

This was my list for a week in Venice when I planned to take trips to islands and spend time on the beach. I've de-personalised it slightly,  but it's still a 'women's' packing list. Much of the stuff will still apply to men though. I hope the list might make a good starting point if you're at a loss for what to pack for a summer break in Italy.

Luggage: one cabin-size 4-wheeled suitcase (checked in), one 20-litre rucksack with multiple pockets, one cross-body handbag.

Boarding pass
Tickets and passes for UK travel to airport
Hotel details inc.  map
Travel insurance details, EHIC (health care card), important contact numbers, passport photocopy
Cash, euros
Credit/debit cards
Phone plus EU charger
IT equipment plus adaptor
Camera plus charger plus spare SD card.
Mini tripod
Notebook, pens
Maps, booklets, info, printouts, guidebook*

Umbrella or cagoule
Scarf – 1 heavy, 1 light (large enough to cover shoulders and arms when visiting churches).
Neckerchief to restrain hair when on boats
Folding beach bag or small rucksack
Money belt (useful on beach)

Platypus/water bottle
Snack & favourite teabags
Plastic sandwich-size bags
Laundry liquid
Beach towel (Hammamas)
Minimal jewellery

Flip flops
All-weather shoes

Light long layers for indoors
Two x swimwear
T-shirt dress to wear over swimwear.
Two pairs of light comfortable linen/linen mix trousers for evening and journey
2 t-shirts
Smarter t-shirt or top
Short-sleeved blouse
Sleeveless top
Two dresses
Lightweight long-sleeved shirt
Cardigan or thin jumper

> More detailed suggestions: capsule wardrobe for Italy in summer

Sunlotions (face and body)
Mini bottle of sun lotion
Aftersun with insect repellent
Insect repellent spray
Wet wipes
Mini Swiss Army Knife
Toothpaste and mouthwash
Shower cap
Shower gel
Shampoo and conditioner
Hairbrush and comb
Facial moisturiser with SPF (for when there's not enough sun for proper sun protection)
Hand cream with SPF
Minimal make up (concealer, mascara, eye shadow, lipstick)
Make-up removal wipes
First aid (painkillers, plasters, antiseptic cream etc)
Travel washing line
Hair accessories
Anti-histamines and hydrocortisone cream (both for mosquito bites)

Other personal essentials

*Obviously I don't actually take a guidebook to Venice as I've written my own. But in general I'll take a guidebook, sometimes cut up, to any new destination.

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