20 April 2017

British Airways flights to Italy 2017

The season for summer flights has started, and some very appealing Italian destinations are now only a short journey away. I usually travel by British Airways and it's frustratingly hard to find a comprehensive list of their flights to Italian destinations along with dates and frequency. If you know where you want to travel, you can carry out a search to find the best flights for your dates. To find the cheapest destinations, BA's Low Price Finder is a useful tool, though you can't limit your search to Italian airports only. For an overview, I've compiled this listing of British Airways flights to Italy in 2017.

Venice - photo taken during the approach to landing
Please note that I may have made errors,  BA may change their schedule, and prices will inevitably rise. However, I hope this is largely accurate and will help travellers come up with ideas for travelling to Italy - and getting off the beaten track.

All these flights are from London, as unfortunately BA operates very few direct Italy flights from non-London airports. (Bristol and Birmingham to Florence are exceptions). BA's flights to 'leisure' destinations usually operate from Gatwick, with business-oriented routes (e.g. Milan, Rome) tending to depart from Heathrow. Flight times to Italy range from under two hours to just over 3 hours.

The cheapest prices are hand-baggage only. The cost of flights can vary dramatically; some airports which are popular either for holidays or business conferences will have some extremely high prices, while other airports with frequent flights and steadier demand (including Venice) tend to have affordable flights throughout the year. If you are flexible with your dates and times, and book ahead, it is possible to find cheap flights, with returns for £100 or less. Don't forget that BA no longer provide any sustenance to standard-class passengers (Euro Traveller), so you'll need to budget for food and drink onboard, or bring your own.

British Airways destinations in Italy 2017

From London Gatwick (LGW) unless otherwise specified


Bologna (from Heathrow) - daily - all year round - from £42.

Florence - daily - all year round - from £47. (Flights from Gatwick and London City airport,  operated by Vueling and BA CityFlyer)

Genoa - varies, up to daily - all year round - from £39.

Milan Linate (from Heathrow and occasionally London City and Stansted) - daily - all year round - from £38.

Milan Malpensa (from Heathrow) - daily - all year round - from £38.

Naples - almost daily - all year round - from £41.

Pisa - daily - all year round - from £52.

Rome Fiumicino (from Heathrow) - daily - all year round - from £40.

Turin - daily - all year round - from £38.

Venice (from Gatwick, Heathrow and occasionally London City Airport) - daily - all year round - from £38.

Verona - almost daily - all year round - from £30.


Bari - 4 times a week - 27 March-22 October - from £52.

Brindisi - twice a week - 27 May-23 Sep - from £41.

Cagliari, Sardinia - between 4 and 6 times a week - 27 April-23 October - from £52.

Catania, Sicily - daily  26 March-23 October - from £58 each way. (This flight earns double BAEC tier points)

Olbia, Sardinia - from 4 times a week - 9 April-27 September - from £50.

Palermo, Sicily (from Heathrow) - 3 times a week - 26 March-22 October - from £46.

Other routes

BA lounge at Gatwick
This year BA also operate seasonal flights:
From Birmingham to Florence on Saturdays
From Bristol to Florence on Saturdays.

I'm not aware of any other regional destinations in the UK with direct BA flights to Italy. Other airlines, of course - most notably Easyjet and Ryanair - operate many useful routes from various UK and Irish destinations to Italian airports, including some off-the-beaten track airports not reached by BA.

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