8 July 2010

Transport strike tomorrow, 9th July

It's a summer weekend, so workers across Italy have decided to prolong their holiday by staging a strike on Friday 9th July. Transport is the sector most affected; if you are in Italy at the moment, the best advice is simply to stay put.

There is a railway strike from 9pm tonight until 9pm tomorrow. Meanwhile, local public transport firms are striking for 24 hours tomorrow. The times, schedules and availability of 'guaranteed' minimum services will vary from firm to firm. If you have to travel, look up the details of the transport services you want to use - most Italian firms are now sufficiently net-savvy to post up news items on their websites with details of how the strike is likely to affect their services.
> Venice boat and bus services tomorrow
> Rome details (in Italian, basically there should be public transport until 8.30am and between 5pm and 8pm)

The next strike likely to have a significant effect on travellers is the 20th July, when it looks as though there'll be disruption for air travel.

I don't always list strikes in this blog - for brief but more frequent updates on Italy, please follow italyheaven on Twitter.

> Strikes in Italy

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