3 February 2009

Yet another Ryanair charge

For several months Ryanair have been emailing travellers with warnings that they should only take one piece of hand-luggage aboard their plane. Now their motivation is clear. The low-cost airline is planning a £30 charge for anyone attempting to take extra luggage aboard - including duty-free purchases, laptops and handbags. Those of us who dutifully carry one piece of hand-luggage through security, then remove a second bag from within to carry over one shoulder, before heading to the airport shops to acquire bags of shopping will have to reconsider our moves. I don't know how Ryanair plan to enforce the charge - the staff amid the chaos of the boarding gates would presumably have this added to their workload.
> Guardian: Ryanair: £30 charge if you can't fit duty free in your hand luggage
> Ryanair: Cabin baggage allowance
> Ryanair: news item including the threatened £30 charge

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