1 March 2007

Italy in the news

Italy news-watchers have a fair number of stories to interest them this week, from the country's unsteady politics to its unstable geology.

Prime Minister Romano Prodi offered to resign and is currently between votes of confidence, and now (you're right if you thought you haven't seen the last of him) Berlusconi offers Prodi support.

Meanwhile down off the southern coast, two new craters have opened up on the volcano island of Stromboli. The Aeolian Islands are exciting holiday destinations, particularly for volcano-watchers, but if you're heading there you should obtain comprehensive travel insurance and make sure your plans are flexible.
From the BBC: In pictures: Stromboli erupts and Volcanic Italian island on alert.

The Telegraph, meanwhile, is covering an entertaining new chapter in the story of Italy's ludicrous exiled royal family: Royal cousins fight for defunct Italian throne. Worth reading the article in its entirety.

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