23 April 2006

Rome: Ara Pacis re-opens

After seven years closed to the public, one of Rome's most important ancient monuments re-opened on Friday (Rome' s official birthday). The Ara Pacis, Augustus's altar of peace, is now housed within a controversial new museum development. We're just glad the site is open again - it's the altar itself that's really important, not the setting. It's frustrating that Rome' s monuments vanish periodically under sheeting and scaffolding, often disappearing for years at a time. The Domus Aurea, Nero's golden house, has closed once more, but at least we can now visit the Ara Pacis.

Opening times are Tuesday - Sunday 9am-7pm and the museum costs €6.50 (free to EU under-18s and over-65s). The location is on Lungotevere al Augusta (Metro Flaminio), between the Tiber and the Mausoleum of Augustus.

Official Ara Pacis Museum website (in Italian).

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