28 March 2007

Free wireless internet connection in Rome

Just came across a recent article on the Repubblica news website:
> Internet gratis e senza fili. Roma raddoppia gli hot spot
Even if you don't understand Italian you can scan down the article to the list of free wireless internet 'hotspots'. The first twenty listed should be activated by the end of this month, the others are still at the planning stages. Here is the official website of the project:
> Roma Wireless
There is an English version although the translations aren't great. I don't know anyone who's tried to use any of the wireless connection sites yet, so add a comment here if you give it a go. Italy Heaven will report back in a few weeks.

The future is upon us! Only a few years ago the internet was an alien concept to many of the Romans we met. Now when they can tear themselves away from social networking sites they're developing great projects like this.

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